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Where Secrets Lie

Where Secrets Lie - Ebony Kent Where Secrets Lie by Ebony Kent

I received this book free from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.

This is a first novel, and it shows promise. I loved the plot twists. Didn't see all of them coming, which is very refreshing. There was a cliffhanger ending, so I am looking for the next book...

There are a few inconsistencies in this book– vampire hearing, for example. Is it strong enough that Michael hears conversations in the next room? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Is Kara on paid leave from the police department? Or was she fired? Well, the book mentions both, so pick one. The whole book is about vampire masters and their servants. But the servants seem to do their own thing without consequences. Michael is described as ruthless, yet his 'servants' disobey and disrespect him regularly. His bff Logan even pushes him into a swimming pool with out consequences, and, yet, is afraid to mention to Michael that an arranged marriage might not be a good idea.

I appreciated the editing/proofreading that went into this work. There were not many typos, which is a great thing. There were still some errors that made me nuts – discreet vs discrete, vibrate vs vibrant, conscience vs conscious, detour vs deter, and several others. I don't know if this is a case of spell check gone awry, or the author using unfamiliar words. And that's in addition to the usual me/myself, who/whom, lay/lie, your/you're errors.

I think as the first in a series, this book is pretty good. The worldbuilding is there, it just needs some fine-tuning. There were not any blow-by-blow sex scenes, making this book more suitable for YA audiences than some vampire books. The plot also had several aspects that reminded me more of YA than adult fiction. I think if the author is aiming for a YA audience, she's right on target. No Anita Blake type scenes here...which might just be a great thing.

Overall, I rated this one 3.0 stars. I think with some editing it could be 4.5 stars. The plot was great. My issues were with the storytelling and grammatical issues.