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On Ramp: Helping your son start on the journey to manhood

On Ramp: Helping your son start on the journey to manhood - Bob Moon Received free copy through Story Cartel in exchange for honest review.

This is a book for fathers on how to guide their sons through their teenage years. It was expertly edited & proofed. That rates a minimum 3 stars in my book. Good flow, easy to read, great content – just earned the other 2 stars. 5 stars.

As the parent of a 13, almost 14 year old, I agree with most of the author's ideas about helping teenage boys mature into godly men. The ones I didn't agree with were more related to specific family beliefs than anything else – and I don't know of any two families who agree 100% on family beliefs.

As a mom, I disagreed with many of his statements about how a mom feels about her son growing up. I don't feel like I'm losing my baby at all. I'm glad to see my son mature into a man. I will agree that it is a little weird that he's now taller than I am. I am happy to see my son move more into his dad's world. But the author obviously had different experiences in that area.

This book affirmed many of the child-rearing decisions our family has already made. It also showed where we have room for improvement, and gave insights into the next few years. I have added a few of the additional resources the author mentioned to my to-read list.

I think this is an excellent resource for parenting a teen boy, and would recommend it for all parents of teen or pre-teen boys.