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Nerd Girl

Nerd Girl - Sue  Lee Received free digital copy for review.

After reading the book and the author's bio, I understand that Ms. Lee has a lot invested in this story – she has a lot in common with Julia. I would read further works by this author, and I hope she continues to grow as a writer. This is a very good first book. It was not quite my cup of tea, however that is all about ME, and not about the author or book. I think I just don't quite relate to the 20-something career-driven heroine.

The book was well-written, and well edited.

I really appreciate the effort to proofread for spelling/grammar/etc – there were a few errors, mostly in word usage - discreet vs discrete is the one that sticks in my mind – but nothing distracting. This is a major plus for me.

Very thinly veiled MS references, repeated over and over and over. Lots of detail about MS's campus and corporate structure, which slowed down the book for me – sometimes made it hard to tell if this was a story about MS and Seattle or about Julia & Ryan with a side of Catherine.

Overall, 4.5 stars.